In an age where social media is king, tons of information, right and wrong, beclouds the world’s idea of how the legal profession operates. I will be highlighting 5 myths about legal practice and practitioners.

The Unfounded Myth that all Lawyers Are Liars
1. This has to be the most popular myth about lawyers. It is everywhere! This is entirely a false alarm. The reality is that in any chosen profession, there are the good eggs and the bad eggs. It is indeed a statutory requirement that alawyer upholds justice, as well as, maintain the highest professional conduct there is. These include, maintaining high moral standards and telling the truth at all times.

2. The Myth that all Lawyers are Rich

Many people assume that once a lawyer is called to the bar, one is automatically ushered into some sort of wealth cult. Laughably false. Though the process to becoming a lawyer can be very expensive, if you are in it for quick moneyalone, you just might be in the wrong profession. Lawyers get rich but it takes the same time, process, and perseverance as it takes other professionals to get rich. Every wealthy legal practitioner has a story to tell – some legal practitioners had the opportunity of starting off well because of their wealthy background, while some had to find a footing after persevering for a number of years. It takes grace, hard work, the right network, and a resilient spirit to truly break even in the legal profession.

Being a legal practitioner would not automatically pay your bills, you will have to work for whatever you want to get!

3. The Myth that the Lawyer’s Work is Fun and Action Packed

Popular legal drama series as Suits, All Rise, How to Get Away with Murder and others have somehow filled the public with the notion that the legal profession is an actionpacked and funtogetalong profession. TV drama mostly shows its audience the juicy stuff. The public do not get to preview the daily hectic grind and tedious work