The Titan, Mr. Edwin Ugwuodo, a young lawyer practicing in Nigeria has finally marked history by launching and unveiling his debut book: The Right Brain, My Dyslexia Story on Saturday April 27, 2019 at the prestigious University of Lagos, Akoka, Nigeria. The 118-page book tells the story of how Mr. Ugwuodo triumphs against all odds of dyslexia which sought to outmaneuver his career and future. The book is a true epitome of what the random child and juvenile with dyslexia suffers: the misunderstanding, the ostracism of those who never comprehend the nature of dyslexics, as well as the fatalities and uncertainties of dyslexics; it also tells a story of how some dyslexics quickly identify this and are saved from its doldrums, and the defeat of those who never realize it.

Mr, Edwin Ugwuodo

The book further tells us how Mr. Ugwuodo’s struggles with studies gained momentum and how he was vulnerable to failure in virtually all his subjects and courses back then in school, consequently leaving him deprived of confidently discussing the future of his education and career with his peers. Dyslexia is a neurological-based condition which is often hereditary. It is usually associated with difficulty in concentration, short term memory and organization which results in problems with reading, writing, and spelling. In his book, Mr. Ugwuodo explains that dyslexia is not a result of stupidity; and it is not caused by poor schooling, poor home background, poor motivation for learning, clinically poor sight, hearing or muscular control, although it may occur with these conditions. In light of these, he states that it is his desire that government officials, parents, educators and stakeholders come together to develop an impactful strategy to tackle the struggles of students and adults with dyslexia in our society. Hence, the main reason for the launch is to let the world know the travails of dyslexics and create tangible awareness for this condition.


The launch of this book is no mean feat as dignitaries of high caliber and substance attended this event. Among those in attendance was the government of Lagos state represented by Mrs. Elizabeth Adekanye, the Permanent Secretary of the Lagos state Ministry of Education; Prof. Ayodele Atsenuwa, the Dean of the Faculty of Law, University of Lagos; Mr. Samuel Adeniyi, a representative of the Dean of the Faculty of Education, University of Lagos; Dr. Adrienne Tikolo, Director of Dyslexia Nigeria; Mr. Olaide Oladapo, Partner at Grand Law Partners; Martins Arogie, Associate Director at KPMG Nigeria; Chinwendu Enechi, a Senior Manager at Anderson Tax, a host of legal practitioners and apparently students from the University of Lagos.

The ceremony commenced with an introduction of guests by Mr. Naetochukwu Jeff Nwokolo, a fine gentleman, founder of Clever Communications and a legal practitioner with PAC Solicitors, Nigeria who compered and steered the event to a wonderful conclusion.

Mr. Ugwuodo gave a thrilling opening statement. In his remarks, he noted that it was a glorious day in his life. He furthered delved into his remarks by explaining his travails of how he had setbacks in his career choice and how he never set out to be a lawyer after keeping himself on tenterhooks of being an Electrical/Electronics Engineer, Mechanical Engineer and finally a Religious Cleric; the latter three would not come to bear because he grew up not knowing what he wanted to do in his career path . He let the world know that despite his poor academic performances which made him stagnated, his zeal, tenacity and ambition made him a legal practitioner. He remarked that all he desires is a life of influence and resolved that dyslexia be given attention, he further pleaded that the public promote this awareness and that the world should see through the eyes of the dyslexic.

Mr. Edwin Ugwuodo giving his opening statement


During the course of the ceremony, invited dignitaries gave talks to which all speakers extolled the virtues of Mr. Ugwuodo, they called him out as one of the solution providers to this generation and a truly resilient fellow who overcame the odds.

Prof. Ayodele Atsenuwa

The Dean of the Faculty of Law, being the Chief Host, welcomed everyone to the University of Lagos. In her statements, she noted that she values the whole spectrum of education and she is passionate about it; she noted that enlightenment through education is her pride.

Dr. Adrienne Tikolo

The Director of Dyslexia Nigeria, noted that the launch was a defining milestone, and dyslexia is a topic she holds dear; in extolling Mr. Ugwuodo, she said she was taken, gum sparked, and blown away by the story of  Mr. Ugwuodo and his resilience.  She spoke on the myths of dyslexia being a disease, a statement credited to her explains that about 33 million Nigerians are dyslexic. She further buttressed her point explaining that educational institutes in Nigeria and some African nations do not diagnose and assess the issue of dyslexia, and when they do, it is usually after such Dyslexic is behind his/her peers.

Representative of the Permanent Secretary of the Lagos State Ministry of Education

The Lagos state government through the launch explained that the state is in the fore front of giving children with special needs, among them dyslexics, the needed attention; this event caused the Lagos state government to pledge to recommend the book in schools within its jurisdiction and encourage its use in its educational curriculum.

Mr. Martins Arogie

Mr. Martins Arogie spoke on career selection and the need for the millennial to put away the nature of entitlement and put on the garb of hard work.

Mr. Samuel Olufemi Adeniyi

The representative of the Dean of the Faculty of Education, University of Lagos made a presentation on the topic: Understanding Learning Problems and Learning Disabilities Inclusive Classroom: Challenges of Conventional Teachers, He explained that achievement and potentials are two factors in education and that potentials are achieved in good and conducive environment. He concluded by stating that haste is to be made in salvaging the Nigerian educational system. Finally, Mr. Chiwendu Enechi spoke on Youth Leadership and Nation Building, he mentioned that influence in one’s little circle is very important and he emphasized that it heralds the beginning of leadership.

Mr. Chiwendu Enechi


The climax of the event was the launch of the book. All speakers at the event, legal practitioners present all joined Mr. Ugwuodo to launch the book; the launching price was pegged at ₦1,500.00 ($4),which most attendees purchased. A copy of the book which can also be purchased on Amazon

With the launch of the book, it ushers in a new era of dyslexia in the nation; the great words of Mr. Ugwuodo has been spread out to the world to create an awareness that dyslexia is a major problem when it is misunderstood and that the victim should only be properly guided. The book brings another perspective of a dyslexic’s story and evaluates it through this spectrum.

L-R: Mr. Johnchrysco Eze; Mr. Felix Irmiya; Mr. Jeff Nwokolo; Mr. Edwin Ugwuodo, the Author; Mr. Kelvin Keltus; Mr. Adedoyin Fadare; and Mr. Charles Emejuo
L-R: Mr. Emenike Omeye; Miss Caroline Anyanwu; Miss Chineye Osai; Mr. Edwin Ugwuodo; Miss Chizaram Uzodinma; Mr. Noah Akinteye

Dyslexia knows no race, gender, color or nationality. The desire to create a dyslexia-friendly environment should be among everyone’s paramount interest. When we do so, we build an inclusive society where people would have equal opportunities to achieve their dreams.”-

Edwin Ugwuodo