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Covid-19 Facts…

It Started in Wuhan China

The novel coronavirus (tagged COVID-19) outbreak, which began in Wuhan, China, in late December, has spread to touch nearly every corner of the world. Over a millions people around the world have been infected has reported and thousands of others have died.

COVID-19 Declared Pandemic by W.H.O

The World Health Organization has declared coronavirus pandemic and rated her has a very high infectious spreading virus with global health risk… the most serious designation the organization gives.

China reports 1st novel coronavirus death in Jan. 11, 2020

A 61-year-old man who had visited the live animal market in Wuhan have died from novel coronavirus complications has reported by Chinese state news media.

1st confirmed case in the United States on Jan. 21, 2020

A man in his 30s from Washington state, who traveled to Wuhan, is diagnosed with novel coronavirus. Japan, South Korea and Thailand also report their first cases one day prior.

China imposes strict lockdown in Wuhan on Jan. 23, 2020

China imposes aggressive containment measures in Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak, suspending flights and trains and shutting down subways, buses and ferries in an attempt to stem the spread of the virus.

WHO declares COVID-19 Pandemic on Jan. 30, 2020

For the sixth time in history, the World Health Organization declares a “public health emergency of international concern,” a designation reserved for extraordinary events that threaten to spread internationally.

Diamond Princess cruise ship quarantined on Feb. 5, 2020

More than 3,600 passengers are quarantined on a cruise ship off the coast of Yokohama, Japan, while passengers and crew undergo health screenings. The number of confirmed cases on board the ship would eventually swell to more than 700, making it one of the largest outbreaks outside of China.

Novel coronavirus renamed COVID-19 on Feb. 11, 2020

The WHO announces that novel coronavirus’ formal new name is COVID-19. “Co” stands for coronavirus, “Vi” is for virus and “D” is for disease. Health officials purposely avoid naming COVID-19 after a geographical location, animal or group of people, so as not to stigmatize people or places.

1st case of suspected local transmission in U.S on Feb. 26, 2020

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirms the first case of COVID-19 in a patient in California with no travel history to an outbreak area, nor contact with anyone diagnosed with the virus. It’s suspected to be the first instance of local transmission in the United States. Oregon, Washington and New York soon report their own cases of possible community transmission.

1st confirmed case in Lagos, Nigeria on Feb. 27, 2020

An Italian man in mid 40s who works in one of the firms in Nigeria as a contractor traveled from Milan, Italy to Lagos, Nigeria was tested positive to COVID19 by the Virology Laboratory of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) after showing mild symptom of the contagious disease.

Nigeria reports first COVID-19 death on Mar. 23, 2020

A 67-year-old Suleiman Achimugu, an engineer and former managing director of Pipelines and products Marketing Company, who returned from United Kingdom with underlying health conditions has died from coronavirus complication died at 2am on Monday March 13, 2020.

Lagos State Governor Ordered a Lockdown on Mar. 26, 2020

Governor Sanwo Olu of Lagos State ordered a lockdown of the state on Thursday March 26, 2020 with new 14 confirmed cases as COVID-19 strides through citizen that came from affected the countries

Citizen with COVID-19 Symptoms are seen in more three States

It dawns on the NCDC (Nigeria Center for Disease Control) and Nigeria Government that three states e.g Lagos, Abuja and Ogun come down more with the contagious COVID-19 symptoms through citizen coming to the country!

The Fed. Govt. ordered a total lockdown of the 3 States on Mar. 31, 2020

With the prevalent condition and the social distances compromised and  unknown to many citizens who came from affected countries, the President ordered a total lockdown of Lagos, Abuja and Ogun’s non-essential services including Airports

Global Summary of COVID-19 Pandemic

As COVID-19 from Wuhan, China ravages the world, here are global hard-fact figures from Channels News Asia as at Sunday April 5, 2020.

confirmed cases



reported deaths









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