Millennials should place emphasis on old enduring principles of hard work, respect for colleagues, honesty and integrity which cannot be lost ”- Geoffrey Nwokolo

Geoffrey Nwokolo is a technology-focused lawyer and head of legal at Corrents, a music analytics firm. He currently serves as the Chairman of the Board of Clever Realty International Limited, a real estate company and is the concept initiator and convener of Speech Clinic, a public speaking training initiative. He has also proven to be a resourceful and commercially aware lawyer whose passionate interests lay in the intersection of Law, Leadership, Media and Business.  Geoffrey is noted for his exceptional eloquence, cross-area skills, ideation innovations, legal commercial awareness, leading actions and merit filled mind.

Geoffrey has had diplomatic engagements at the United Nations headquarters in New York, USA and the African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights in Banjul Gambia and has bagged Business and legal tailored professional certifications notably of which is Orator of the Year within Nigeria’s legal community as voted by legal colleagues and conferred by the Law Awards Gala Team Nigeria.

Prior to the full start of his Legalpreneur journey, Geoffrey served as a member of the Fintech and IT law, Special Contracts, Real property and Intellectual property law units of PAC Solicitors and Real-Time Law, serving key clients and individuals in key corporate law practice areas.

What makes practice exciting for him?

The evolving nature of legal practice is the most exciting aspect of the profession for Geoffrey who also likens the legal profession to a rose that grew from concrete.  He further notes that the demanding nature of the profession imposes stringent conditions such as longevity and  seniority in practice before one’s intellectual and legal light which stands a chance of revealing. He explains that the change, which has permeated the legal practice in Nigeria and beyond, is one that stems from evolution as opposed to revolution. He notes that technology anchors this change and that excites him the most.

He further mentions this change has witnessed lawyers with two-three years post-call qualification have chosen specialised areas of law as practice niche and releasing industry thoughts on those emerging fields and becoming persons of reference early in time as opposed to what happened in the past. He understands that technology and its impact have given young lawyers like himself the courage to dare and the ability to hold on to personal transaction tables. Geoffrey notes that technology has brought a globalised outlook and style to the practice of law as collaboration can now occur near seamlessly by lawyers on client’s instructions across jurisdictions all at the same time. This makes practice particularly exciting for him.

What is his philosophy of impacting the nation through the practice of the Law?

His philosophy is grounded in the personal belief that law is a business as well as a service, vocation and guard for humanity. He has always been an advocate of the specially created theme he calls “Legalpreneurship. He believes lawyers are legalpreneurs that are core businesspersons engaged in the practice of law. He also plans to change the outlook of legal practice in Nigeria and the African continent in a legalpreneurship way. From his perspective through law as a business as well as service profits everyone. He also mentions that not all things are monetary; he advises that the practice of law should be in an ethical and commercially aware manner; practice based on quick delivery and eradication of excessive delays in the justice system; a practice that is keen on offering value and seen to be doing so.

He mentions that if the law was practised in a legalpreneural way, the number of law firms that will outlive their founders will multiply as the firms would have a structure and law business succession plan in place. He notes that a consequence of this is that the number of top tier law firms in Nigeria will increase and not be concentrated in the country’s commercial centre alone as law firms would choose to focus their practice around the key strengths of its base population and natural resources available in the territory of operation. He further mentions that the number of lawyers slaving away in unpleasant working conditions will reduce, as there will be self-awareness of worth, continuous professional improvements for growth, networking for reach and cope. He categorically states that the benefits are endless.

Geoffrey Nwokolo- Africa's Legal Millennial

Geoffrey Nwokolo- Africa’s Legal Millennial

What is the next big thing he is working on?

Geoffrey foresees an inevitable transfer of wealth from the haves to the have not, from the old to young; and from people of sail to men and women of hard work and struggle; and he does not intend to miss out from this commercial banquet. He notes that the key plans and strategy he is deploying on this agenda cannot be shared in print due to the innovative approach and intellectual property content of his emerging efforts. However, he shares the general idea. He thinks it is high time premium legal services are given to small-medium enterprises who show a promise of prosperity at little or no costs.

He notes that most of the SMEs may not emerge successfully but with the right approach, key legal guidance and marketplace luck, some of them will flourish. He thinks SMEs will be willing to place the loyalty bets on lawyers and law firms who stood by them when they had little to nothing. He notes that the idea at this time is to work with them and at that blossom time, work for them. He further notes that there is a profit motive difference. In essence, he posits he is creating a legal package that will make available to small-medium entities, legal services of a high-end premium nature that was previously the exclusive preserve of the big businesses. He thinks it is time to democratize luck and opportunities.

What does he consider the millennial’s greatest strength?

For Geoffrey, Time is without a doubt the answer! He believes the time is the unstoppable progression into the future by the passing away of the present event into the past. He asserts that millennials have time. He understands that youths come with an abundance of energy and the ability to cross through career options before making a final choice.

He thinks this energy affords millennials the ability to try out several new things and if they fail, and they try again because they never get very burnt. He believes the millennials’ greatest strength is time, which must be maximized and not wasted. He thinks we live in an era where technology has made almost everything to be on autopilot, fast and swift and millennials must be mindful not to sacrifice order on the altar of speed. He encourages millennials to dream big, act bold and take risks. In all of these, he notes that millennials should place emphasis on old enduring principles of hard work, respect for colleagues, honesty and integrity which cannot be lost. He implores fellow millennials not to be drained by the moving calendar days or feel frustrated thereby giving up in advance due to lack of jobs, mentorship or practice support.

He asserts that tenacity always wins, as the purpose is supreme. He equally notes that we are all in a lifelong practice and can never be late to the success party. He further notes that we have been afforded a platform that allows us to do well both in private and public life. Lastly, he concludes that all will end in praise for those that believe and put in the time.

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