Law is very diverse and dynamic, and if lawyers can be intentional about occupying spaces in the different facets of the law, that would among other things, be the right step to the development of our law”- Leisa Leisanyane

Advocate Leisa Leisanyane is a Lesotho born and bred legal practitioner, educator and certified Business Development Services (BDS) provider who is featured in this Millennials’ edition. In addition to a catalogue of academic qualifications and training he has, which includes, certification in compliance management, drafting of commercial contracts, risk management, intellectual property management, he possesses a bachelor of laws (LLB) from the National University of Lesotho and a master of laws (LLM) in Intellectual Property Law from Stellenbosch University in South Africa.

He Is the founder and a Legal Consultant at Legalize Daily, a consulting management firm in Lesotho est. in 2017, specializing in among other things, intellectual Property management, entertainment law, sports law, management of commercial transactions, compliance management and corporate governance. The words, “educate, impact and protect” are the words Leisa has always lived by from the beginning of his  journey as a legal professional, till date.

Leisa Is also a lecturer in the faculty of law at the National University of Lesotho, in the department of private law, lecturing undergraduate courses namely, Intellectual property law, law of special contracts, and a company law module under the law of business associations. He also supervises final year LLB dissertations.

1. What makes legal practice exciting for Leisa?

For Leisa, the ability to solve problems and challenges of clients is what is most exciting for him. He Is fascinated by the contentment that comes with either solving legal challenges of a client or simply a successful completion of instructions a client has given in confidence and trust. He also loves the reading and research part of the practice as well – there is just so much to learn and ample knowledge to acquire out there that keeps him  searching or more knowledge. He enjoys the networking opportunity that also come with the practice – how one successful completion of a mandate can lead to a ten or more referrals, Leisa notes.

Leisa Leisanyane: Africa’s Legal Millennial

Leisa Leisanyane: Africa’s Legal Millennial

2. What is his philosophy of impacting the nation through the practice of the law?

Leisa is a huge advocate for specialization in the practice of law. He believes that if lawyers in Lesotho can be intentional about specialization, not only would the legal fraternity be efficient in solving diverse client problems and problems of the nation, but also every lawyer with a specific expertise would get a shot at sustaining a livelihood as they do their job. Leisa understands that

law is very diverse and dynamic, and if lawyers can be intentional about occupying spaces in the different facets of the law, that would among other things, be the right step to the development of our law” –

He believes that if this is the case, the government would not have to look elsewhere for experts during reforms, and development of national legislation.

3. What is the next big thing Leisa Is working on?

Besides a strong desire to enrol for a doctor of laws (LLD) any moment now, he has  just recently been invited to contribute a chapter on Copyright in Lesotho in an Intellectual Property handbook covering the intellectual property landscape in Africa.  If he can  think of any next big thing he will be working on, it should be this.

4. What does he consider the millennials greatest strength?

Leisa believes open-mindedness, creativity, innovation, risk taking, experimental, all combined are millennials greatest strengths.

Millennials are daring, this according to me is what makes us a force to be reckoned with professionally and otherwise.” Leisa notes.

5. Who, in the profession does Leisa look up to, and what Is he currently reading?

Leisa does not  have one specific person he looks up, instead, he has found himself admiring and being inspired by different traits and accomplishments of different people.  As an aspiring leader in commercial law, he  looks up to successful commercial lawyers in the corporate environment – what they do, how they conduct themselves, what they have built, how they built it etc.

He has currently started a book by Charles Duhigg, “The Power of Habit; Why we do what we do in Life and Business.

The PALM considers Leisa Leisanyane a legal millennial who has shown exceptional radiance in the field of legal practice.

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