The Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition is the world’s largest moot court competition, with participants from roughly 700 law schools in 100 countries and jurisdictions all over the world.

The competition represents a simulation of a hypothetical dispute between countries before the International Court of Justice, the judicial organ of the United Nations.

The fictional disputes and patties are often representative of the real situations in the international law arena.

The Jessup is an advocacy competition for law students. Each team prepares two written write-ups and two 45-minute oral presentations, one for each party to the dispute (the “Applicant” and the “Respondent”).

The competition, that is held globally, is subdivided into regional competitions.

We are proud to inform that the Al-Azhar team succeeded in winning the regional rounds in Egypt among all the Egyptian law schools. The team is from Sharia’ and Law English department, and the members are:

1- Asmaa Mahmoud al-Askary.
2- Gamil Khaled Abdelsalam.
3- Mohammed Ashraf Fahmy.
4- Mohammed Maged El-Shafey.

They succeeded in winning the national rounds by achieving the first-place team in the finals against the German University Cairo team. Also, the team won the best Respondent legal memorandum award.

Both national and international judges took part in the Jessup event this year virtually, and the event was organized by the ILSA National administrator in Egypt, Shalakany Law firm in Cairo, Egypt.

We take this opportunity to congratulate the entire team and to Asmaa Mahmoud al-Askary and Mohammed Maged El-Shafey; our Associate Editors who are part of the team.

At THE PALM, we are proud of this lifetime achievement.

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