Like every other technological innovation, the Metaverse is poised to disrupting the way businesses interact and do business. The term Metaverse is used to describe the concept of a future version of the internet where physical environments are shared and fused into 3D virtual spaces into a perceived physical-digital universe. Simply put, in the metaverse, physical activities such as business transactions, music shows, clubbing, schooling activities, real-time romance and much more are enabled using virtual or extended realities which provides a seemingly real-time experience.

While it may sound like a typically novel innovation, the Metaverse has over the years been employed in the gaming industry. Recently, big firms like Facebook and Apple have hopped into the space. On October 2021, Facebook announced a rebranding of its Company’s name to META reflecting its objective of advancing the Metaverse. 

This article preempts the impacts the metaverse will have on businesses, possible challenges and proffers recommendations.


The Metaverse opens a whole new digital atmosphere for businesses, creating a one-stop shop for companies to better provide services to their customers. With the real time interaction that exists in the Metaverse through extended realizations, customers will get more acquainted to service products, save the cost of physical click this link to continue reading

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