We have come to the beginning of a new decade and times are constantly changing. As always, change would always remain an indispensable index in human endeavour; thus, the need to embrace this concept in its entirety. In the same vein, professional relations and realities are changing and would experience drastic changes as the new decade unfolds. Even from the end of the last decade, there are certain elements that have proved noteworthy. The millennial must ensure that he appreciates these three:


Towards the end of the last decade, professionals in various sectors made use of technological platforms to enhance the core of their practice, most especially through the use of social media. With reference to the legal profession, we have seen the advent of virtual law firms and remote working as the order of the day. Artificial intelligence has also been a key player in almost all fields of human endeavour within the last few years and this would definitely be a significant actor in this decade and the future of all professions. It is therefore not far fetched that the influence of technology, in its entirety, would experience a drastic increase, which if efficiently maximised by young professionals, would position them to be indispensable in these times.

Innovation and Creativity:

A dynamic and out of the box approach to our careers in this new year would definitely set such professional aside as one for the future. It takes a creative and innovative professional to think into the future and stay fundamentally indispensable to the team. Thus, in order to efficiently position yourself as a formidable force in this new decade, the need for unparalleled dynamism, creativity and innovation cannot be undermined.


Your ability as a professional to understand and feel what your client feels and is experiencing from their peculiar stand point and reasonably place oneself in another person’s position would be vital in this decade. This is so because, every client is first a human being and thus would greatly appreciate a person who understands what he or she is going through.

In conclusion, a professional’s ability in this fast changing and  paced world is necessary to maximise technology; embrace dynamism, innovation and creativity; and also display empathy towards the cause of his client; would without doubt, endear such a professional to his best clients. It is therefore imperative that the above stated are not the only things which would enhance the practice of the professional; however, they constitute a formidable foundation upon which to build, going forward. Cheers to a fruitful year and decade ahead.


Oluwatobi Adekoya is a legal practitioner from Nigeria and is the Deputy-Managing Editor of The People’s Accolade Law Magazine (The PALM)