With the increase in law firms employing Millenials, there are certain things these firms put in place to ensure that these Millenials are comfortable; however, there are things Millenials should know in order to guarantee their employment. As a Milllenial, it is important to know that there are things you should know in order to be retained by such law firm. Check these hints:

(1)  Embrace work-life blend. When you treat your work and life as weights to be balanced against each other, you short-change both. Instead, as a Millennial believe your work should be an enhancing and enriching aspect of life. Millenials should have their time and space to manage their professional and personal lives.

(2) Contribute immediately. As a young associate, be eager to make a real difference from day one. Possess this enthusiasm; harness it!

(3)  Take mentorship seriously. Mentorship has never been more critical. Millennials are a confident generation that desires autonomy but not necessarily independence.

(4)  Engage in the community at your law firm. Millennials consistently rank the social aspects of work – that is, the relationships built with colleagues – as one of the most important aspects of their profession. If as a Millennial, you should possess this attribute in order not to feel lonely and disconnected at the office, if so, your motivation may wane along with your commitment to the law firm firm.