Martial Medi, is a Cameroonian advocate and driver of a platform, ‘SIP Management’ which registers one’s Intellectual Property (IP) on a blockchain. It registers one’s authorship and date and time for registration of the property. In our interview with Martial, he is able to tell us more about Intellectual Property.

The scope of Martial’s advocacy for Intellectual Property stems from the need for more active education around the topic. He believes Intellectual property (IP) affects all aspects of trade and business relations and account for a great portion of the value creation process. Martial posits that value creation chain determines the final price of any product on the market.

It may seem that Africa has fallen to the rare amongst all continents in embracing protection of Intellectual Property. What is the master panacea from declination for the African states?

For Martial, he believes that Africans and African businesses no matter their sizes must learn to recognise the importance of IP and how to better manage IP assets in other to create long-term value, revenue and wealth creation.

He further notes that the continent, home to some of the most innovative minds and richest history has however continuously fallen prey to IP theft and undervaluation. These challenges, like many others that plague the continent, hinder innovation and socio-economic development.

In other to change the tide and allow the continent to compete in term of innovation and valued intellectual property, Martial believes the following should be adopted:1. Education on IP asset and developing strategies on how to identify, optimise, protect and exploit these assets.2. Promoting local innovation of high IP value

On the misconception that only legal practitioners are expected to have a full grasp of IP.

Martial notes that IP expertise and education should not only be confined to legal practitioners. And that entrepreneurs,innovators, artist, inventors and businesses should all have a basic understanding on the implication of IP management. He notes that Legal practitioners can only support individuals and businesses that are aware of their IP needs in terms of asset and strategy. He however explains that in most cases IP owners and businesses fail to recognise the value of their own work and therefore fail to reach legal experts for support.

Martial coordinates an IP Platform which is poised to support individuals identify their IP assets, value these assets and execute a strategic plan that will lead to better IP protection, valuation and revenue generation through commercialisation.

He also notes that IP as an important aspect of trade and business everyone should be aware of and concerned about it. 

What is the Next Big Thing Martial is Working On?

He is working towards expanding his platform as it is a platform that is on a mission to revolutionise and further propel innovation within the African continent. He is looking to collaborate with technology universities and grant them special access to his technology and platform; he believes that Universities have always been the cradle for innovations. He wants to support the brightest minds within the Africancontinent and provide them with the support they need. 

As millennials, he believes we have the advantage to have experienced and enjoyed a world pre and post internet. This unique experience has given us a good understanding of what was, what is, what is to come and what must be done in order to enable the most sustainable and prosperous outcome; the experience of change in times and perspective.

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