“The legal profession is a free profession that participates with the judiciary in achieving justice and confirming the rule of law; without lawyers, the justice system will collapse.”- Ahmed Ashrf Mshrf

The Millennial star is Ahmed Ashrf Mshrf who graduated from the Faculty of Law, English Department with honours and academic excellence. He got his LLM in International Commercial Law. He’s a Practicing Lawyer in Egypt and an Associate Partner in Ashrf Mshrf Lawyers and Counsellors which is considered one of the top-tier commercial Law Firms in Egypt and the Middle East.

Ahmed is a leading counsellor in intellectual property and personal data protection cases, he was one of the main lawyers who has closed tremendous commercial deals in the Middle East. Also, he has acted as defence counsel in different lawsuits for famous artists in Egypt. Ahmed was granted the “Law Today” magazine award in 2018. He has also advised in the fields of Arbitration, franchise, unfair competition, personal data protection laws, civil law, labour, law and commercial transactions, etc. He has published many legal articles in various fields such as maritime law, data protection laws and labour law.

1. What makes legal practice exciting for Ahmed?

On the one hand, he believes there are many advantages in working as a lawyer in general such as being creative most of the time and the diversity; he understands that as a lawyer he is always going through different kinds of legal matters and cases which makes him learn at all times to help clients reach their goals.

On the other hand, there are a lot of things that make him excited in the legal field such as working on commercial deals and handling the different aspects of the deal. Besides that, it has been his dream since he was a kid to practice law like his father “Ashrf Mshrf” who is his role model. Ahmed believes his father has inspired him through his love and passion for law for doing good things through law and exploring new areas. In addition, Judge “Mamdouh el Dash” was a catalyst that made him wish to practice law; he believes that it was through his dedication to commercial law where he has made important and significant contributions.

Accordingly, the love of law in itself and his passion for legal knowledge was the main reason for joining the Faculty of Law. Ahmed excelled academically and also participated in the establishment of the first English moot court at Beni Suef University, and his love for law and its professors increased more and more.

His artistic inclinations while he was a teenager helped him develop an artistic sense to be involved in the legal aspects of the arts industry such as intellectual property; trademarks, copyright, patents and so on. This has made him give considerable help to the artists who need protection or the scientists who needed to protect their ideas by obtaining a patent, this is a real pleasure for Ahmed.

2. What is his philosophy of impacting the nation through the practice of the law?

Ahmed thinks being a lawyer means that he is a member of an important institution in his country’s justice systems.  Hence, he believes that lawyers have a lot on their shoulders to provide for the sake of their country, whether it is related to economic or criminal fields.

“The legal profession is a free profession that participates with the judiciary in achieving justice and confirming the rule of law; without lawyers, the justice system will collapse.”, Ahmed notes

He believes the role of the lawyer becomes very important specifically in two steps: the first one is legislating a new law, the second one is avoiding the mistakes in impacting an old law. Finally, he thinks a lawyer has a social responsibility towards the people, Attorneys have a significant part in guiding and educating regular people about the law.

3. What is the next big thing Ahmed is working on?

He has different plans but the most important one is related to creating a platform for helping young lawyers and law students to guide them in facing the different challenges in the legal market.

His main priority is providing an innovative approach to the new generation. He also believes that there is a need for law students to have academic and practical knowledge. Ahmed understands that law being a social science, academic and practical knowledge are important and complement each other. Furthermore, the other big step for him is preparing himself to be a PhD researcher.

Ahmed Ashrf Mshrf

Ahmed Ashrf Mshrf: Africa’s Legal Millennial

4. What does he consider the millennials greatest strength?

“The millennial’s greatest strength is the same qualities of any successful man in any field which considers the following: Always being ambitious, looking forward to doing something better in your life and be always hungry for knowledge,” Ahmed states.

He believes the millennial must acquire two skills: firstly, the capability of adapting oneself in any situation secondly, the ability to develop oneself. His advice for law students is to know that the knowledge of the law is essential for the regular lawyer but the exceptional one must have knowledge in different kinds of science because an attorney’s job is one of the few that touch with the rest of the other jobs and deals with various fields such as engineering, technology medicine, philosophy, religion, and commerce etc.

5. Who, in the profession does Ahmed look up to, and what is he currently reading?

He looks up to Mr “Ashrf Mshrf”, the founder of “Ashrf Mshrf” Lawyers and Counsellors, Ahmed thinks he impresses him with his style of solving cases, whether through litigation or arbitration. Ahmed notes that his role model has been very dedicated to the legal profession, he notes that Mr Mshrf is very educated in other sciences, and his legal lectures still fascinate him. Ahmed’s goal is to be half of this man. We believe e can be greater.

He is currently reading business and economic books. He has decided to improve his experience on the economic and business sides, not just the legal side because he believes this knowledge will help to improve the industry itself. Gaining the knowledge of both law, business and economy will complete the photo for everyone is what Ahmed believes.

Finally, Ahmed notes.  “if they say that I have reached success today, it really makes me glad but that does not put my fire down, I still aspire to make a significant contribution to this world.”

The PALM considers Ahmed Ashrf Mshrf a legal millennial who has shown exceptional radiance in the field of legal practice.

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