The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has hit hard on economies, with many individuals and businesses immensely suffering from this impact. The effect is likely to be, and in fact, already being felt in several quarters. A recovery plan is next in line and tax administration plays a huge role in this. It is necessary, more than ever, that tax authorities and taxpayers gain a great deal of understanding in other to move forward and paddle the economy back to prosperity.

We have seen a lot of policy adjustments from the tax authorities to aid a smooth come back. In the same light, so many tax payments deadlines have been moved forward. In summary, tax payments have not been extinguished, but only suspended in some cases and postponed in other cases. What comes to mind next is the willingness of the taxpayers to make these tax payments without reservations. This article considers the position of things at the pre-COVID-19 era, which are compulsory factors to be considered and addressed even at this COVID-19 or post-COVID-19 era… click here to continue reading