The millennials’ ability to innovate is a great strength”- Robert Muigai

Robert is an award-winning lawyer who possesses skills in different fields. He holds a Second Class Upper Bachelor of Laws degree from Strathmore University and is an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya. He recently won the Nairobi Legal Award for Young Lawyer of the year which was the first time a private consultant won this award. The award recognised his efforts in Real Estate, Employment and Intellectual Property matters. He is also a content creator who has had his TikTok videos aired on national television. Interestingly, Robert has been able to use his social media following to put out legal alerts on “Interesting Legal facts in Kenya”, a series that has amassed over a hundred thousand views across his social media platforms.

Robert has previously worked with Uber Kenya Limited as a partnerships specialist. While at Uber, he conceptualised and led the #254LOVE social media campaign to motivate thousands of riders to register to vote in the 2017 general elections and also led a pitch with the Kenya Railways Corporation to support a first and last mile initiative. This was the first public partnership between Uber and a public rail transit organisation in Africa. Robert has also worked at Anjarwalla and Khanna, East Africa’s largest Corporate Law firm and founding member of ALN, Africa’s widest and most integrated legal alliance of independent top tier law firms.

1. What makes practice exciting for Robert?

For Robert, it is learning new things. He remembers when he first started working in a law firm and within the first month, he felt that he had learned more than he had in 5 years. Whenever he is doing work in a relatively new field of law, he is always excited to see what key learnings he can take from that experience.

2. What is Robert’s philosophy of impacting the nation through the practice of the law?

As a lawyer, Robert feels that his legal drafting and speaking language should be simple to the point that a client can understand every clause in a contract. He believes that the best way to do this is to keep answers as short and as simple as they can be.

In his series, “Interesting Legal facts in Kenya” he tries to simplify complex legal arguments, and so far the feedback has been outstanding.

Robert Muigai: Africa’s Legal Millennial

Robert Muigai: Africa’s Legal Millennial- Photographed by @Avicography


3. What is the next big thing Robert is working on?

Robert has a passion for technology, this passion led him to work with the Kenyan Law as a collaborator to create a leading database of legal information, resources and services in Kenya. He also joined the lawyers’ hub as a digital rights fellow and it has been an amazing experience so far.

4. What does he consider the millennials’ greatest strength?

Robert believes the millennials’ ability to innovate is their greatest strength. He vividly remembers when he proposed to different people about using Microsoft Excel in delivering legal work because of the endless possibilities of automating data. His millennial peers supported his ideas as they all wanted to find newer and faster ways of getting work done.

5. Who inspires Robert and what is he currently reading?

Robert is inspired by his mother. His father died when he was three years old and he was impressed by how his mother was able to raise four children and still develop her professional life.

He is currently reading Clarence Thomas’ “My Grandfather’s Son”. His mother recommended this book and it has been such an emotional journey as he relates with Justice Thomas’ on so many levels. He would love to meet him once he is done with the book to find out what his experience has been after the book.

The PALM considers Robert Muigai a legal millennial who has shown exceptional radiance in the field of legal practice.

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