The 2020 African Magic Viewers’ Choice Award (AMVCA) was a showcase of unmatched glitz and glam. Celebrities from all over Africa displayed colourful and majestic outfits and dress combinations which fueled conversations days after the exclusive award show. One of the issues that drove quality conversations post the award show was the glamourous dress combinations of the various celebrities who graced the event. A vital question arises; where the exact same style is sewn or worn by another person (designer or model) after the award show, is there any remedy for the designer of such beautiful design against such other person for the infringement of the designer’s intellectual property right?

Beyond doubt, the field of intellectual property law in Nigeria hasrapidly evolved, from a largely unknown field of law into a field that has garnered widespread interest in recent years. However, we cannot state the same fact for fashion law which is a vital subset ofintellectual property law. Fashion law is defined as the aspect of law which encompasses legal issues… click link to continue reading