For some people it is a holiday period. Imagine having to forget about work for 4 days! Close to a whole week’s leave!

Easter is celebrated by Christians to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus. During this time, Christian get to celebrate the gift of life and a second chance through the death of Jesus.

In the contemporary world, where people are often held up with activities: be it school or work, Easter comes as a holiday to be free and spend time with family.

 Here are some of the things you can do over Easter:

1. Brunch with friends-

Invite your bros or girlfriends for a night over just to unwind and relax away from the normal boring life routine. This is a time that you can chill in your sweats and big t-shirts and talk about what’s exciting. Such brunches also help you do a mental check on your friends.

2. Take out time with to the Movies

Winter is here! What a time, 4 days to catch up with Game of Thrones (GoT) from season 1. It is high time you stopped being part of the 1% that hasn’t watched single episode of GoT. check out the previous post on the Game of Thrones lifestyle of a Lawyer

3. The Church Way

If you are a Christian, how best to Celebrate Christ’s death and resurrection but by going through the process? Make this Easter a tie of religious replenishment and meditation with other believers.

4. Get a Me Time, Please.

Go for that Swedish or hot stone massage, Take your loved one with you. This is super relaxing! You will feel like you are ages a way from normal life! Whatever it is, go do it! Try high tropes, Go skydiving, Give yourself a new thrill.

  • Learn a new skill

5. Learn A New Skill

It takes 20 hours to learn a new skill. As an addition to any of the 4, Give yourself a chance to learn something new. Be it dancing, musical instrument, crafting or painting!

 It is up to you, make the decision, Enjoy your Easter!

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