Agriculture is a sector that is of great importance because the relevance of food to life cannot be overemphasized. It is a broad aspect that involves the production of plants and animals. The growth of plant is largely believed to be so dependent on natural forces such as varying weather conditions and Nigeria is blessed with good climate conditions. However, the existence of the different seasons as we have it here, results in the unavailability of certain types of crops all year round. In a bid to ensure all year availability of plants, varieties of plants have been created by certain individuals as a form of invention.

Researches in plant biotechnology has led to the development of plant variety. Plant variety is a term referring to “new varieties of plants invented, developed or modified from the existing plants by humans.” Plant biotechnology refers to the “alterations made in some of the basic traits of crops with the objective of enhancing agricultural products by increasing shelf life and availability even during off-seasons;click here to continue reading