BBC Africa eye recently aired a documentary on the night runners in the Luo of Kenya. If you haven’t  watched it yet see it here

In this documentary, they expose how much addictive the practice is, and the risk the night- runners are exposed to. Well, I am sure you probably love your sleep. Imagine someone has made it their job to distract your sleep. This is pure trespass and disturbance of human peace. While that is how you’d see it, the night runner would see it as a successful night because it is a job! The more you are hurt, the more they celebrate.

 I found one of the narratives exciting. One man who calls himself the President of night runners wants the Association registered as a Sport. One would wonder why, and for whose benefit this would be done; perhaps they are desirous to participate in international competitions; is there such a sport everywhere else in the world?

Honestly, I reluctantly agree with his approach. Nigh runners have been reported assaulted and have had their houses burnt. The idea is not quite well received in the community. For whatever purpose they serve, does this ‘sport’ facilitate African cultural integration among the Luo of Kenya or does it?

 I pose to you, after watching the video, would you propose that Kenya makes night running a legal sport?

Let us Know!

The writer is a Nicy Owino, a Kenyan youth: Email: